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If you have a phone, a tablet or a computer, we have the best books available for download NOW!  Never go without a book to read again–Welcome to mhs.lib.overdrive.com!

1. Visit your school’s digital collection: mhs.lib.overdrive.com
2. Sign in with a valid student ID (the same way you log onto a computer)
3. Browse and search for eBooks.
4. When you find a book you want to read, click on the title and select ‘Borrow’.
5. Start reading immediately by clicking the ‘Read’ button or visit ‘My Locker’ to download!
     Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period.

Enjoy eBooks anytime, anywhere
After borrowing a book, you can download to enjoy on your computer or mobile device and transfer to an eBook reader.

1. From ‘My Locker’, click download and select your preferred format.
2. Kindle titles can be read on a Kindle device or through a Kindle reading app via Amazon.com.=
3. For all other formats, click on ‘Help’ to install free software.
On a computer
– Adobe Digital Editions for eBooks (EPUB, PDF)
On a mobile phone or tablet
– OverDrive Media Console mobile app (EPUB)

To transfer to an eBook reader
1. Connect your device to the computer.
2. For eBook readers: Open Adobe Digital Editions and drag and drop your downloaded eBook onto the device name on the left panel.
Format availability may vary by library.

Help Resources
Visit your school’s digital collection website’s ‘Help’ link or go to http://help.overdrive.com for more instructional guides and videos.


U.S. History

Directions for Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Directions for Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Essay Directions

Ms. Mclaughlin’s Class

Click for the Civil Rights Presentation Template

Click for the Individuals Template

Check Out the Newest Mobile Devices at the Library

tablet wars

All you need is your id to use one of our tablets for the block.

Some of you may have seen our new offerings already, but for the rest of you, here’s what we’ve got:

Google Chrome Book – works like a laptop but runs Google Chrome and its extensions only.  Great for online research, and writing papers, especially if you are used to Google Drive.

Kindle Fire HD –  A 7in tablet with a dazzling display.  Boasts a 35% faster download speed than the iPad mini.

iPad with Retina Display (x2) – the latest and greatest from the iPad family boasts a large screen and a dazzling display.  Pair it with our bluetooth keyboard to speed up your typing.  When it comes to working on the iPad, once again, Google Drive is the place to go.

iPad Mini  (x4)– with all the same apps but a smaller form factor, the mini makes it easy to work on the go.  It is light enough to hold in one hand without resting on anything and therefore is a truly portable option

Samsung Tab 2 – an android device that is geared towards productivity.

Coming Soon – the Nexus 7



Here are some great places to go for information on Greek Mythology:






Website Evaluation

Click here to open the Website Evaluation Worksheet

Mr. Gorham’s Students: Click here to open the Website Evaluation Worksheet for your class..

52 Reasons Why I Hate My Father

People Magazine Publisher Template

Click here to open the People Magazine template

1920’s Webquest- Mr. Webster

Click here for the word document.

September 25th is National Comic Book Day

So come down to the library (even if you don’t have Mr. Navarra as a teacher) and check out our collections.  American graphic novels are located at 741.5,  and our fabulous Manga section has its own corner in our library.

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